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Custom Built 2009
Manufacturer Toyne
Engine Cummings ISL 400 HP Diesel
Pump 1250 GPM
Compressed Air Foam System
Water Capacity 1250 Gallons
Hose 4 Mattydales - 200' of 1-3/4"
1 Mattydale - 200' of 2-1/2" w/Gated Y
1 Trash Line - 100' of 1-3/4"
Hosebed - 1,000' of 5"

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Can your house be found in an emergency?

  1. Numbers must be visible from the street.
  2. Your numbers for easy visibility at night.
  3. Repair or replace aging address number placards, especially on mailboxes that are a distance from the front of the residence.
  4. Prune any bushes, tree limbs or other growth that has covered your house numbers.

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